Our philosophy

C&A Corporation is not a single crystal manufacturer. C&A is the company that innovates with you how the gcore manufacturing technology businessh should be.
"C&A" is originally derived from gCrystals and Applicationsh. We do hope it will be gCreate and Activate"C"Challenge and Achieve " and gCool and Attractive ", as well.


Message from the president (Prof. Kamada)

C&A Corporation is the company based on the technological and academic background of Prof. Yoshikawa, Prof. Kamada and Dr. Kochurikhin. gI am wondering whether we can get this kind of compositionc??h, gWhat kind of method will be most suitable for growing this crystal?h, gI found the crystal with excellent properties, however, it seems difficult for the volume productionc?h, gI need this crystal for the next conference/papers!!h We are very glad to fulfill your requirement.
We like single crystal. We like crystalline related job. Letfs enjoy crystal related business with us.
We will make you happy growing expected crystals. Please feel free to contact us.

Message from the CEO, CTO (Prof. Yoshikawa)

As you know, a smart phone has got a variety of different capabilities to provide you with not only e-mail, game, net surfing, chatting, SMS, but also digital camera, music, car navigation and even book as well. It took only 3 years to realize this amazing paradigm shift. If you compare the shift from record to CD, DVD, the speed is completely different.
So far, in the crystalline materials community, there are two long-accepted theories.
1. It takes at least 10 years for new excellent crystalline material that you have found to be loaded in the device.
2. If you are lucky, you can find 3 excellent new crystalline materials after your 1000 times failure.
However, if you can shorten the development time from 10 years to 3 years, what will happen to you?
If you can find 3 excellent new crystalline materials before you try 100 composition, what will happen to you?
Remarkable paradigm shift will occur in your field. We do hope to help your organization to work smarter and grow faster based on your brilliant ideas.

Message from the Technical Director (Dr. Kochurikhin)

Within the last few decades a lot of laboratories and researchers in the world have decided that it was more optimal regarding time and money saving to investigate crystal growth processes by the computer simulation instead of growing real bulk crystals.
Our philosophy is the opposite one: we have found it challenging, and due to this concept C&A team has got great experience, developed dozens of techniques, finally resulting in a proven track records of successful crystal growth, and we enjoy doings this. So, this unique combination might be a real leverage for our customers, as well as C&A capability to supply them with different crystals in accordance with particular requirements.
You are kindly requested to express your technology ambitions to us and our team skills and devotion will be a catalyst for your business related to the single crystals.

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Our products

Flexible Ir wire     

FlexIr Thermocouple  

Growth equipment  

Ce:GFAG scintillator 

Ce:HR-GAGG scintillator 

Ce:GAGG scintillator

Ce:La-GPS scintillator

Eu:SrI2 scintillator

CeBr3 scintillator  


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