Feb. 1, 2018

C&A members, as "Intelum" project members, visited Namiki Corp. at Akita Prefecture together with other project members (CERN, Swiss, Institute of Phys., Czech, L'Università di Milano-Bicocca, Italy, IMR, Japan).  We have discussed about the capability to fablicate scintillation fibers for next generationdetector.

Namiki visit

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Nov. 17, 2017

40000 pixels (200*200) Ce:GAGG array was manufactured successfully by C&A Corporation.

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Nov. 16 , 2017

Celebration of the 5th anniversary of the C&A Corporation was held in Sendai city.

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Nov. 06 , 2017

 Traditionally, we have participated in the exhibition of IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium & Medical Imaging Conference   at  Oct. 21 - 28,  2017 in Atlanta, USA for the fifth time


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Sept. 19 , 2017

 C&A  has attended the SCINT 2017 Symposium 
   at  Sept. 18 - 22,  2017 in Chamonix, France. 


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May. 25 , 2017

The growth technology of 3 inch Ce:GAGG crystals was developed completely.  Crystal was grown by the C&A made Cz furnace. Czochralski furnace for mass production of  large oxide crystals is now on sale.

GAGG 3 inch

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Nov. 16 , 2016

Annual C&A meeting was held. Two C&A engineers were awarded by
President prize and CEO prize.

Award 2016

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Nov. 2 , 2016

   C&A  has attended the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium & Medical Imaging Conference 
   at  Oct. 29 - Nov. 5 2016 in Strasbourg, France. 


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Oct. 18 , 2016

C&A members were awarded  by Yamazaki-Teiichi Prize (Foundation for the Promotion of Material Science and Technology of Japan's prize).


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May. 30 , 2016

C&A team -  2016

C&A team 2016

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Nov. 4 , 2015

   C&A  has attended the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium & Medical Imaging Conference 
   at  Nov.  2-5 2015 in San Diego, California. 


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Aug. 27 , 2015

C&A was awarded  by hMinister Prize of Economic, Trade and Industryh 

award 2015

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Link  (in Japanese)

May 1 , 2015

C&A was introduced by the newspaper.


Link    (in Japaneze)

Feb. 12 , 2015

Mr. Kim (President of TPS Corp., Korea) and Mr. Ki (Director of TPS) visited us for the discussion of joint project.  On photo: the unofficial banquet after finish of discussion.


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Dec. 11 , 2014

C&A year end meeting was held.


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Nov. 11 , 2014

C&A has attended the IEEE NSS/MIC Exhibition 2014 in Seattle.


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Sept. 19 , 2014

C&A was awarded by Mitsubishi-UFJ Technology Development Foundation

awarded ceremony

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April 14 , 2014

The operation of our new crystal growth equipment was started.

New equipment started

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October 31 , 2013

The agreement of cooperation with  TPS Corp. (Korea) was signed.

      C&A and TPS

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October 27-November 2, 2013

Our company took part at the exhibition of  2013 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference   (IEEE NSS/MIC 2013

   C and A team
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We displayed there new scintillators such Ce:GAGG, Ce:La-GPS and Eu:SrI2, and scintillator arrays.

April 25, 2013

C&A opening ceremony was held in Sendai city.

    C&A opening ceremony

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