Scintillator crystals, arrays and scintillation detectors

C&A is in position to provide your organization with a variety of scintillator crystals of preferable size and shape: bulk single crystals of Pr: LuAG, Ce:GAGG, Ce:La-GPS, Eu:SrI2, CeBr3 and so on. Depending on demand, C&A Corporation is able to supply fluoride crystals, as well.
Another customer benefit is that C&A Corporation might manufacture not only crystal ingot, but also small pieces or even arrays. Our team has got a technology transfer from Tohoku University and is licensed to prepare scintillator arrays. Based on your organization needs, we might prepare scintillation detectors following your specific requirement.
As for the array preparation, we can provide you not only with the above mentioned scintillators but also with the conventional scintillators such as LSO, BGO, CaWO4, CaMoO4 and so on.
As for the hygroscopic halide crystals, such as Eu:SrI2, CeBr3, the scintillators are supplied in the sealed can.
C&A Corporation gives you more choices, more flexibility and more ways to get scintillator related matters you are looking for – and soon.

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Scintillator crystals, arrays and scintillation detectors

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