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Crystals Light yield
Decay time (ns) Emission wavelength (nm) Transparency
~5,000 40 280~320 >90%
Eu:LiCAF ~40,000 1,600 360~390 >90%

About LiCAF

LiCAF single crystals are excellent materials for neutron/gamma discrimination because of their low gamma-ray sensitivity due to their low density of 2.99 g/cm3 . The Eu-doped LiCAF has a large luminescence and the Ce doped LiCAF has a short decay time.


We commercialize crystals, arrays, and fibers for BNCT. The raw Li is available in natural and 6Li 95% enriched, and the neutron sensitivity can be adjusted. LiCAF flexible sheet is a transparent sheet with 0.9 to 3.6x1021 atom/cm3 fine LiCAF crystals dispersed in silicone resin.

LiCAFフレキシブルシートの写真LiCAF 光ファイバープロ―ブの写真

It can be used as an alternative to 3He, neutron imaging, neutron diffraction, and survey meter.


Neutron detection


“Thrmal neutron detection properties of Verium doped LiCaAlF6 single crystals”
J.Iwanowska,et al., Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A, 652, 319-322(2011).

“Basic study of Europium doped LiCaALF6 scintillator and its capability for thrmal neutron imaging applicattion”
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