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Crystals Light yield
Decay time (ns) Emission wavelength (nm) Transparency
LiCAF (Ce)
∼5,000 40 280∼320 90%<
LiCAF (Eu) ∼40,000 1,600 360∼390 90%<

About LiCAF

LiCAF single crystals are excellent materials for neutron/gamma discrimination because of their low gamma-ray sensitivity due to their low density of 2.99 g/cm³ . The Eu-doped LiCAF has a large luminescence and the Ce doped LiCAF has a short decay time.


We commercialize crystals, arrays, and fibers for BNCT. The raw Li is available in natural and ⁶Li 95% enriched, and the neutron sensitivity can be adjusted. LiCAF flexible sheet is a transparent sheet with 0.9 to 3.6x10²¹ atom/cm³ fine LiCAF crystals dispersed in silicone resin. It is possible to make a large area of this.

LiCAFフレキシブルシートの写真LiCAF 光ファイバープロ―ブの写真

It can be used as an alternative to ³He, neutron imaging, neutron diffraction, and survey meter.


Neutron detection


“Thrmal neutron detection properties of Verium doped LiCaAlF₆ single crystals”
J.Iwanowska,et al., Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A, 652, 319-322(2011).

“Basic study of Europium doped LiCaALF₆ scintillator and its capability for thrmal neutron imaging applicattion”
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