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Crystals Light yield
Decay time (ns) Enegy resolution (%)
@662keV 5㎣ APD
Enegy resolution (%)
@662keV 5㎣ PMT
Ce:GAGG ∼56,000 τ<100 ∼6 ∼7
∼50,000 τ<150 ∼5 ∼7
Ce:GFAG ∼45,000 τ<55 ∼7 ∼8

About GAGG

GAGG single crystal is a scintillator material that is neither hygroscopic nor self-emissive.
We manufacture three types of products by performance: GFAG, HR-GAGG, and GFAG single crystals.


GAGG single crystals have high light yield and are suitable for radiation detection in Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography "SPECT", "gamma camera", "Compton camera", and "survey meter".
HR-GAGG single crystals have higher energy resolution than GAGG, which enables more accurate measurement and imaging.
GFAG single crystals have short decay time. It is recommended for R&D and experimental applications where faster response is required, such as in the space energy physics field, in addition to PET inspection machines, etc.


Our products are available in crystal, array, wafer, and powder types.
If you know the type, size, and shape of the crystals you want, please contact us for this link.


gamma-ray ditection


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