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FlexIr is a flexible iridium and iridium alloy wire that was developed in collaboration with Professor Yoshikawa of the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University.
Iridium has a high melting point (~2447°C) and is chemically insoluble in royal water, and is widely used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, spark plugs, and ultra-high-temperature thermocouples.
Normally, metal wire is formed by plastic working and heat treatment to make the grains finer, but iridium has a tendency to crack at grain boundaries during processing. FlexIr is manufactured using wire with almost no grain boundaries, made by a single-crystal growth method called the micro-pulling method (μ-PD method).
FlexIr is soft and easy to process, such as coiling, because it contains almost no grain boundaries in the wire.
Its properties can also be restored by annealing at low workings where recrystallization does not occur.

Observation of the wall surface of Ir alloy wireOur single crystal Ir alloy wire

We commercialize alloy wires and thermocouples.
In addition to Iridium, we are also available to develop new wires of precious metal alloys such as platinum and ruthenium. If you know the type, size, and shape of the crystals you want, please contact us for this link.


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